Are You Managing Your Home Properly?

Keep your family safe and avoid costly damage due to house fires, water leaks, and other home mishaps!

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Home Safety

We show you how to prevent fire, water & electrical shock.

Home Health

Prevent issues that cause health problems related to air quality, mold, & insect infestation.

Home Maintenance

1 in 20 homes have insurance claims which cause homeowners their deductible which could have been prevented.  Appliances, Equipment & Products last 40% longer if they are maintained.

Energy Savings

We show you how to save money by not wasting water, gas, & electricity.


HomeManager has records on almost every home in America.

The average home costs $4040 per year to maintain.

Save up to $3600 annually with HomeManager and avoid unexpected problems!

$10 of maintenance done at the right time can save you $1000's in home repairs.

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Avoid Fire Damage

  • 358,000 home fires a year
  • 3,000 Americans die in fires each year
  • In 30 seconds, a small fire can turn into a major fire         Are You Prepared?


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Prevent Water Damage

  • 1 in fifty homes has water damage annually
  • 14,000 water damage emergencies daily
  • Hidden water damage causes wood rot, mold, health issues, and more

Reduce Energy Bills


  • Tips on saving water 
  • Tips on saving electricity 
  • Tips on saving heat loss

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1.Why Use HomeManager?

Home Manager is a digital home management tool offering a one-stop solution for homeowners who want to protect their homes and increase their home value automatically. You will get the home maintenance checklists that are crucial to protect your home and family from fire, water, mold, and more. You will be sent monthly reminders to ensure you don't miss these important tasks and help you to understand the consequences of ignoring these reminders.

2.Reduce your home’s maintenance cost with HomeManager

Know what, when, and how to get things done! Whether you use a professional service or use our simple DIY instructions with videos, you can make sure the tasks are done correctly. Save thousands of dollars per year and avoid unnecessary problems by being proactive.

3.Never miss your maintenance tasks with our reminders and checklists

When you become a member with Home Manager, you will get an easy and simple checklist of the inspections and activities to carry out every month. Each month is different. When tasks are done, you will have records for insurance claims and a  printable maintenance list to provide buyers if you decide to sell your home.

1.Save money monthly with How-To videos

Love to fix things yourself? The home management team of experts update helpful content on how to carry out inspections around your home, spot problems, and execute basic maintenance throughout the year.

2.Find local maintenance professionals and the basic costs of maintenance

In this day and age, having a HomeTeam of professionals you can trust and call on when needed is priceless. If you need to find someone to do a task around the home, HomeManager's "discover professionals" is a great resource. Finding a professional is easy and free.

3.Secure your valuable documents with your own private document storage vault in the cloud

From receipts, warranties, manuals, home documents, to personal inventory and property pictures, you can upload them to your private cloud storage to keep it safe and secure. If a disaster should ever happen, you will be able to access everything and process your insurance claims quickly.

Your home is your most valuable investment! Protect it  for only $8 per month.

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